It has been a long time arriving however after over 40 something years of photography I am now allowed time to travel and source the type of photographs I have always wanted to capture at leisure. My approach is to have an extended stay in my town of choice of up to 4 weeks befriend a local guide and explore together to find pleasing images of indigenous peoples.
As my son always takes pleasure in telling me "art is only important to the artist" whether that is true or not depends on your point of view and your ability to loose yourself in the moment. Here is a sample of my recent works, please take time to view and if the mood takes you contact me re customizing an artistic photograph just for you.


                                                 PHOTOGRAPHIC TUITION AND MENTORING

If you would like help or inspiration with the photographic, artistic or the processing area of digital photography I am sure I can customise a package to suit your needs.  Trips to sites worthy of a study with a camera within the UK, longer trips/holidays abroad to capture and learn everything necessary to maximise recording your visit.  Areas of the world so far covered by our trips include - Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Borneo, Africa, Laos and of course Europe.  If you think a refresher course could be beneficial or just plain fun contact me on the e mail address below. 

                                                                     PURCHASING MY WORK.

All the prints on this site are for sale in some guise or another. You may purchase machine prints direct from the web site if you wish. For something a little more unique there is a hand crafted by myself limited edition,  there is the "Red Ribbon" Master collection limited to a maximum of 7 prints one of which is retained by the photographer and a "Limited Edition" with a maximum of 100 pieces worldwide.  Each photograph is individually printed on cotton rich paper using exhibition quality inks, checked by myself, signed and embossed with with my company stamp and the red ribbon master selection have a red ribbon fixed by my signature in the bottom right hand corner.  A stamp of authenticity and limit number is also recorded on the reverse of the print.  see the "Limited Edition" folder for an idea of the finished print.                  

Sizes and prices vary so much I suggest a dialogue with myself to avoid confusion however prints of 36 x 24 inches in black and white start from £195 approximately.  Prints take about 2 weeks to produce and can be mailed anywhere in the world.  Thank you very much for taking an interest in my work and please consider the immense time, effort, passion and experience that go into collecting these images from all over the globe when making a decision.

                                                please e mail me at    [email protected]